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Rubber band bandit,Dress form art tag and Peacock bling!

The only thing prettier than a New Mexico Sunset is a New Mexico Sunrise.
The only thing prettier than a New Mexico Sunset is a New Mexico Sunrise.


Hello!~ Bloggers! Here we are again, a beautiful spring is springing up out here in the desert! My tulips rose, my big animals are making little animals,   and Spring Break started Monday. I’m fairly optimistic about it. Home with 5 hormonal, puberty ridden teenagers and an 8-year-old for 9 days. Did I say it was gonna be ok?

 Spring Green appearing even though the weather is wacky.
Spring Green appearing even though the weather is wacky.

 Anyway got some cool-ee-o stuff to share this week.. so onward.

    The 8 week Challenge of the Menopausal Artist.

Target DATE April 7 th to begin…. again….

Week One…. Again….

 This is my official start week, Monday to be more specific.  Although I did pull out my yoga mats and actually open the box to the Zumba thingy last week,  I am having some motivational issues and I can’t stop eating, specifically Oreos and coconut lattes. (and my mom’s pies and cakes) Yum…. I decided to get out of here and walk the lake, it’s about a mile and a half around and it’s getting warmer( I don’t do cold).  There is this huge white goose there that threatens me like  a gangster and chases me… Maybe he will get me to run. I’ll let you know how it goes. I expect this week to be a challenge with the kids home.  How will I stick to a 1200 calorie diet if I don’t know how to avoid hiding in the bathroom with my comforting, I love you, Sharon, Oreo ice-cream bar….. And for a few seconds,  forget all about things that jiggle, double chins, jowls and bigger pants.

Oh how  I loathe this thing.....
Oh how I loathe this thing…..


Dress Form Tag. FaBulOus!

 This was a busy art week although I don’t have much to show for it. I spent a lot of time researching and  learning techniques. I did however stop long enough to play with my Tim Holtz dress-form die and made a really cool tag for my “Tea with my Bestie ” sentiment book.  ( future Post)

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Cool. Huh?….

I am working on some ideas to alter and cover … well whatever I can get my hands on….

april Blog 013

Chronicles: Is it bad manners to shoot rubber bands in church?

I was sitting  in church with my family this last Sunday morning ( this has become way to rare). We take up a pew when we go.  The service was good and I was really paying attention when to my horror,  all traces of law and order were  erased from the pew I was seated in. Now remember that there are a whole BUNCH of us and sometimes it is difficult to figure out who is causing the  ” issues”. Todays issue? Well, as I am listening to this sermon about love and faith and hope I see “it”. IT. In slow motion. A rubber band flying through the air over 3 church pews aimed right for this nice ladys` head.  All I can say is that about the time it got to her, God moved her head. Thank you, God.  My normal rant would just have to wait until later, after all there were cameras and I do not want to be the topic of conversation at the sunday school breakfast again. I have already given them far too much to talk about.

     That is why I sit in the back. These sermons are recorded for television. I sit behind the cameras because I don’t want it on film that I had to nap a kid in the head or chunk a pencil at them to get their attention. Today proved my theory  which is  Back Row Easy Escape!  Just as my heart started to beat normally again, my 8-year-old began to snore so loudly I had to wake her up and she was mad.  I  was a little unhappy too, when I realized she had drooled  down my arm and it was kinda blue.

     In my friend Tammy’s church. Things like this don’t happen there. I have been with her four or five times. People don’t shoot people with rubber bands there or snore during service.  It’s like a camp there. If you didn’t have manners before you went in there you do when you leave.  There is a lot of moms in there

     My Husband on the other hand was perfectly well-behaved. Odd.  He is usually the ring leader.

 If we had been at Wal-Mart I would have broke out my best head boppin-  Noxema Jackson voice and it would have been on- but I put on my  Patient hat, sat quietly and waited until we got to the truck.

 This is the rubber band bandit; She looks innocent doesnt she?
This is the rubber band bandit; She looks innocent doesnt she?

Awesome Find!

 If you have been following me you know that I am not really very happy with my technological advancement in communication.  I  Miss my old phone. By old I don’t mean nostalgic, I mean keyboard old.    I miss it. So. Much. 

To make myself feel a little better about the whole smarter than me phone thing, I found some amazing peacock bling . There. Thats better.

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Freaky Farm Stuff.

 My Pond Is coming along…. Just got the decorative grasses in the ground and we are working on getting the pump in before I finish the rock. What is that screen thing you ask? well I was worried about little dogs and grand babies falling in there so Beautiful Cowboy created a heavy screen so that the fish can dive deep ( 3 feet)and the grand babies and Shitzu’s can’t. 

 Went to get a picture of the beautiful pond but the  Dust bowl, monster wind storm yesterday creamed it. . Sad.. Sad… Sad.

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This is the other Man in my life… My little Cocoa    april Blog 025 

Gratitude top 5 of the week!

1) I am so Grateful for you Jack. What a good man you are. What a beautiful life.

2) My Mom! I am so blessed by you mama… Thank God your here. I don’t know what I would do without you.

3) Ihops Swiss Mocha latte,( it doesn’t feel like cheating if I get it with the 240 cal. oatmeal)

4)  Time with my kids

5) YouTube art videos

     The Gratitude Bummer…. Bummer of the week is Dieting, But the blessing in it is how great I will feel when I can clap my hands with out jiggling ( I love that commercial)

 TA TA for now  y’all

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New Spring Life

Well, It’s Spring out here on the Ranchette.  There is something about new life that just makes you smile, gives you energy and makes you appreciate all the newness that comes from warmer temperatures. Today, Just about  2 hours ago, our goat, Brownie, gave birth to twins. They are so Tiny. Thought I’d share.   This part of the country experience, I can live with.