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I can’t play a guitar.

There are days, sometimes weeks, where I feel wounded. Maybe I am truly injured or maybe it’s just echos from the past but either way, I have to art through it or I just can’t  get centered and focused on my world, my healing, my God.

I have had a few disappointments recently. Some things that really were not anyone’s fault, just things I needed to learn, things I needed to let go of. I’ve been pulled out of my comfort zone into the lives of people who are without any doubt… Magnificent in form and substance.  But I am so insecure.  I am hoping I haven’t totally weirded them out yet, at least until they get to know me well enough that my weird is normal enough.

Been a while since I hit the old art journal but it was time to work a few things out.  That’s how I roll. Really, if I did not have my art to turn to I would probably be at corner somewhere……….

Singing with a guitar… ( I can’t play a guitar)

you thought I was going to say something else…. ?..

Today I  traded trash for treasure in my art journal… Not as complicated as some I have done but it was just enough to pull out my feelings and give me a place to examine them.   august2014 009august2014 010 august2014 012 august2014 013 august2014 014 august2014 015 august2014 016 august2014 017 august2014 018 august2014 019 august2014 020 This  entry was all about fear….. I like my comfort zone. A LOT. I  Like being safe warm and happy. I like knowing what is going to happen tomorrow and I love not giving a rats rear end what others think about me. I can go home to my little ranchette in the desert and return to my country girl experiment and never look back.  Any. time. I want.

I can sit safely in my little Sunday School A-18 class room and get fed and find people who love me and pray for me.  I can call my BFF and hang out in her living room and she will give me all the hope I need.  I can crawl into the arms of Cowboy and the world just goes away.  I can sit at my mom’s kitchen table and get the best advice. These people keep me safe and give me strength to do what I do Sunday morning all week-long.   I feel protected and accepted there…..  And that is the provision…. I have them. I have every single thing I need and then some.

What sucks about it is that God has recently brought it to my attention that I use them as  an excuse to  stay sheltered and never walk out into the calling he has for me. I am afraid of being burned at the stake in the church parking lot, that I will loose them or that I will waste my time on people who will just never get it when I could be home with my kids or basking in the saftey of the familiar.

Again.. That is the provision. If I step out into obedience to do what I know God Has for me, and the walls fall down and the thunder rolls and the scary church politics and scary hat ladies tie me to the metaphoric stake to burn me for my history, I can still go home where it is safe. I can still sit in MY bffs living room. I can still go back to A-18, into the art room, back to Cowboy and I still keep my salvation and I still keep those who  truly love me and I still have a story to tell.  I really have little to fear.   Eh’,  I’ve already been through worse with less to go back to.

I made  new friends recently (you know who you are) that have straight up called me out.   I have old friends who straight up called me out. Why oh why couldn’t God have sent someone hideous and easy to run from. Why couldn’t you be the big hat ladies in the front of the church that I used to make fun of. How come you couldn’t  have been a creepy old man or a snot nosed sister- better- than- you? Nope He sent me  completely adorable people I can relate too that I cannot help but love.

Well Oh Crap.


Ok.. enough of this ……

Did I mention that I tried felting this week….. Wet felting with some merino wool and I ended up with a pretty successful  project. I used some metallic threads that I had stashed away  and some beading and then I made a project bag out of it.. Even lined it.

august2014 004 august2014 006 august2014 007august2014 022 august2014 021


Time for dinner , Ya’ll


august2014 001



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The Discovery

March 2014 004     I love it when art is inspired by words. It has been a long time since I sculpted in clay. I got myself in such a  frenzy to create dolls that my granddaughter could play with,that  so much of my work has been done in cloth recently. But clay is a love of mine. I love the detail you get from it.

Now It is of no concern to me how strange you think I am. I am from Roswell, NM… well close to Roswell. I love the alien festival, the Comecon, and  the researchers. I love Star Trek, Star wars, and crazy haired ufologists. I love driving down main street Roswell, close to this sign, International-UFO-Museum-Center-in-Roswell-New-Mexico-88203

and waving at the tourists using the Vulcan hand signal ” Live long and Prosper”.live_long_and_prosper . My Favorite tourist of all time is the lady with the green hair, antenna  and the live chihuahua head sticking up out of her cleavage. I am still looking for anyone to top that.

I love the wackadoo’s that come here from all over the country to see for themselves, for I too, am a wackadoo. I love Aliens. Not the kind that suck your brains out and abduct you and probe you, but the cute ones that make you wanna smile and that love Jesus as much as I do.

Again, whatever you think of me is none of my business.

I was inspired by a wonderful woman at our Church who has a magnificent  testimony and a small affiliation with some sort of UFO researcher ( her hubby).  This sculpt is for her. I wanted to make her smile and see if I can use it to bribe her into sharing her wisdom with me.

It is called ” The Discovery”.

March 2014 001   March 2014 005 March 2014 004 March 2014 003 March 2014 002

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Scarfing: Yarn Neck Bling

I am a shameless collector of craft supplies. I have so much stuff! So I am taking a break from buying stuff and working on using the stuff I have, Starting with my 30 gallon bucket of Yarn. I crochet a little but I am not knitter like my daughter Ashley who has mastered knitting two pairs of  the most beautiful socks at one time while reading, entertaining a three-year old and balancing a nine month old on her head. I am not a jewelry maker like my other daughter Leasa who’s creations are so painstakingly put together that they look as if they were created by a ritzy department store. Then she wears them and they are so amazing I am afraid she will get rolled or mugged for it.  NO I am more of a knotter. I can tie knots, glue, ink, sew,  etc. I am a mixed media artist.  I like that. Let me say it again,( clearing throat- In my best  English accent) I am a mixed media artist.

March 2014 002  So I am determined to use of this gigantic barrel of  yarns and fibers, or at least make a dent in it making scarves and yarn necklaces.

March 2014 008 March 2014 005 March 2014 004 March 2014 002 March 2014 051 March 2014 047 March 2014 046 March 2014 036 March 2014 049 March 2014 030 March 2014 026 March 2014 016 March 2014 014 March 2014 003  Only about 50 more to go…. Hmmmm Pendants… What could I do for that?


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Recycled T-Shirt Bags

It’s been a crazy week here. I got bronchitis and pretended I didn’t have it until I finally had to go to the Doc and get all hopped up on meds so I could continue to pretend I was not sick. But with track and cheer practices, other people’s Dr appts., errands, groceries laundry and the occasional farm project/animal/ smell/ broken-down things etc, I just can’t seem to be sick for real.  So a z-pack and a shot in the butt later…. UP and at it I am.

I did, however, manage a little time in my craft room.

There are a lot of tutorials out there for these bags so I won’t do that, but I wanted to show you my spin on it. I wanted some character to these bags so I found ones with sayings, graphics and of course, bands. I own a lot of band shirts.  No boring bags here. So here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.february2014 015    I love the idea of adding laces and trims and buttons and fringe and whatever else you can think of to these recycled bags. I collect trims and buttons and pendents and here is an excuse to use them. They are great for the grocery store, take along craft supplies, swimming pool trips, sleepovers,  storing stuff, and just to pal around with. I’m going to make up a few for the craft show I promised myself I would do this year and for my girls who never seem to have enough places to put stuff.

february2014 023 february2014 022 february2014 021 february2014 020 february2014 019 february2014 018 february2014 017 february2014 016 february2014 015

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Hand bound art journal- Your Wildest dreams

redbook1 - Copy

Cowboy and I are already in bed, all hopped up on cold medicine and wine. It is almost unheard of that we are both sick at the same time, but it is so. He didn’t even pick up his guitar tonight, so I grabbed my laptop and crawled up in the bed with him to suffer and watch….. what is that crap he’s watching?    I really hate Survivor man. I suddenly remembered why I dont watch TV with him all that often…. He watches people eat bugs, drink urine and blow stuff up.

It’s odd that we are sick. it has been like spring here in NM. 80 degrees in February. But at least the Chickens are fooled and are laying again…..february2014 019


 One of my favorite things in this world is books.  I love the digital age but there is something about a book that you can hold in your hands ,touch and smell.

Recently, I have become enamoured by journals. Beautiful, endearing journals that draw you in and beg you to tell your story for the day in words or pictures or colors…. or words,picture and colors.

I wanted to create a journal that would be a really good quality, functional and beautiful.  So I came up with this idea…” In your wildest dreams”, an art journal with a decorative fabric cover.

One of the tools I was lacking for this project was a larger book press. These things are expensive… hundreds of dollars. Never to be doubted, Cowboy watched a couple of you tube videos and made me one. It worked brilliantly. He just keeps getting sexier. Book press sexy.

february2014 017

 On ward…

So I created this journal using, card stock,cotton fabrics and emphera. I love that word( emphera). It makes me feel artsy and smart. Emphera.  I made a polymer clay ” thingy”  with the words ” your wildest dreams”  stamped into it with holes  drilled into it so it could be sewn into the cover.  I tried a  new  paint technique with stencils and acrylic paint and used metallic over red.Over that, I overlayed a gold woven fabric and added some buttons, metal, and the polymer clay thingy-ma-bob.

I have this listed in my etsy store.

redbbook7Embroidery stitching, metal words, clay and button and string closure

 redbook3 redbook4  A pen and pencil hredbook5  Pen holder on the last pageredbook6  My Little labelfebruary2014 013 clean, white sheets of paper, 8 1/2 by 5 1/2


redbook1 - Copy february2014 014 - Copy redbook2

 That’s it for tonight. I am working on some T-shirt bags I can’t wait to  share with you.  Right now I think i am going to pass out and let this cold med do its thing. Never mind, the kids are in the kitchen…..

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Zombie Sock Dolls and 25 Things you might not know about me…

february2014 005  Been a while since I posted. My Mom was in the hospital and  had a surgery so I have been out-of-pocket. She’s doing well now, but while I was there, waiting in the waiting room with my 2 girls and my sister, for hours… And Hours… And Days, We confiscated a corner table in the waiting room of the surgical ICU and created these cute little sock dolls.  Made from Socks, and stuffing and felt and threads and buttons, these little zombie babies helped us pass the time and helped us to crack a smile in that sad place.

february2014 001 february2014 004


Thought I might Share a few things that you might not know about me.

1. I love Star wars, Star trek, Avatar and any spacey, creaturey thing. Been in love with Captain Kirk and Spock almost my whole life. I own a star wars encyclopedia.   I love fantasy creatures and characters and worlds that only exist in the imaginations of wonderfully twisted people like Gene Roddenberry, Jim Hensen or George Lucas  . They are usually the inspiration for my art.   I loved Charmed and Twilight and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I like to disappear into these stories sometimes. It helps me to get my balance when life gets too heavy for me.  I believe in Fairies and they believe in me. The Frouds are my favorite artists…. Wendy Froud helped to create Yoda. I collect their books.

2.  I once rode in an elevator with Van Halen..( David Lee Roth days) and I had no idea who they were.

3.  My favorite colors are dark teal blue-green and rust.

4.  I am secretly a yogi. Ok A wanna be yogi. The Kind of Yogi that prays a lot and can contort my body into a pretzel, not the kind who hugs trees and eats seaweed.

5. I get depressed if I don’t do art every day.

6. I am crazy in love with Jesus, but standoffish about religion. It makes me nervous but I can’t stay away from church too long. I just miss it. If I don’t feel like I’m growing as a person, I shake it up. Usually gets me in trouble. Me and my big mouth. My big foul mouth. I’m working on it.

7. I simply cannot imagine a  sexier, more beautiful man than my husband. I have been sold out to him from the day I met him.

8. My kids can make me or break me… But I don’t want them to know.

9. I quit smoking after 21 years. I survived Cancer.

10. I have come to love living in the country. Cowboy made it amazing, even though I was a brat about it.

11. I talk to myself when I am mad. I work it out.

12. I sing all the time, Unless I’m sad. Then I listen.

13. I love Dominos hand tossed pepperoni pizza with extra sauce.

14. I would be lost without my bestie.

15. I Still want my Mommy. I’m shameless about it.

16. Having Kids was the most amazing and wonderful thing I have ever done. They are simply fantastic.

17. Adopting difficult kids is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I hope to do it again, even though my original kids think I am Bat Sh%# Crazy.

february2014 002

18. I am completely nuts about my grand kids. They simply and completely just bring me pure joy. I miss them every second I am not with them. They are the second best gift I ever got… their parents are the first.

19. I don’t  run. Ever. Unless there is a bear or a snake or a fire. Or a tarantula… I run then.

20. I see the world in color. Everything is art, or could be. I collect art supplies, things that sparkle or tell a story and fabrics. I love the idea of being able to walk to the art shed and have what I need to create right that minute. Clays, beads,  paper arts, binding decorative books, Kiln arts, fabric arts, sewing, crocheting, and glitter are a few of the things I love to do. But My Favorite things are dolls and bookmaking.

21. I would love a glass of Zin, now and then.

22. If It were healthy, I would live on bacon and eggs and pancakes, Coconut lattes,Fruit, Pizza, pasta, White cake, cookies, yogurt covered raisins and Oolong tea. But since its not, I have settled for the tea and fruit. And tree bark.

23. My Art room is my favorite place in the world. Only joy is allowed in there. Ever. And Glitter. I always allow glitter.  Unless I’m Sad then Chocolate is allowed in there.

24. Someday I want to use my art for something awesome.

25. If I could, I would love to study in India, just to learn to pray like a boss.

february2014 002

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10 do’s and 10 dont’s and crazy cool Pin Cushions!

from broken to beautiful 020     Here we are! It has begun. Another Year, another chance, another first day!      Thought I would start off this year with a few Ideas. I’m not much for resolutions. The truth is just a chocolate bar, a butterfly or a pretty magenta fabric can distract me from my goals for the day. A few days ago I literally forgot my bath water running for an hour because I had an Idea for a doll shoe.  But I guess this is just what makes me … well… Me. Still there are a few things I would like to do or not do or undo.

10 DO’S and 10 DONT”S

1) Do:  get up off my butt and work out. I work out in my mind all the time. In my head I have perfected all the yoga moves and 4 mile runs and I can do 50 push ups in one session.  This has little effect on  the middle age spread though and I…. Oh Look, a chocolate bar.

work out

1) Don’t:  eat every Chocolate bar, cotton candy, cookie carbohydrate I see… 30 pounds later….

2) Do: turn off face book and turn on face time. It is a lot easier to sit in front of your computer than to have to drive 60 miles for a lunch date with a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years. But face book does not give us the real stuff. And it’s Missing in all our lives these days. I don’t even have a real fight with Cowboy anymore. I’m thinking ” Bite me” isn’t really as powerful in a text.


2)Don’t:  Think that you can have a relationship via text message.

3)Do: Make time for things you love to do. Life is short. Just do it. Set goals, get there…. Choose to be who you want to be.


3) Don’t: let doing the things you love make you forget the important stuff. Let it empower you to do the important stuff.

4)Do:  Be spiritual. To me Spirituality is a private, time-consuming relationship with your God.  It changes and defines who you are. It gives you the strength to create your world and gives you direction, comfort, inspiration, hope, and  Love.


4) Don’t: be religious. By that I mean religion is what you wear so everyone else can see. Spirituality is what you  wear so God can see. Religion is ritual. Spirituality is relationship. I’m not saying don’t go to church, I’m saying be the church.

5)Do: Forgive. It heals you. Literally, forgiveness can help you live longer and happier.


5) Don’t:  Stay angry, it makes you sick

6)Do:  turn off the TV and open a book.

6) Dont: substitute tv for company


7)Do:  Go outside

7) Dont: Make me run. ever.


8)Do:  Be grateful. It is the single most important thing I have ever learned outside of forgiveness. It changes the way you see the world, the way you do things and the way you live.

8) Dont : hold a grudge… Those things are heavy.


9)Do: treat people with respect. Even if they dont deserve it.

9) Don’t:  Let other’s treat you badly. Respect yourself.

april Blog 015

10) Do: let go of your past.

10) Dont: Forget to learn from it!

March blog 033


I took A Break from dolls for a while to reorganize some craft supplies( I have to stay out of Michael’s) and to do a little project I  have been wanting to conquer. I am going to take a little time and work on some pin cushions and Sewing Kits. It keeps growing in my mind so I am not sure where it is going to end. But I am looking forward to a few full days in my craft room. I have started off with some over sized, rice weighted pin cushions that I just love. I made a couple for my daughters and a few for my etsy store. It was fun! I love the bigger size of these and the fact that I can’t send them rolling across the room unless I mean to. You can find them in my etsy store at

beepincush2 owlpcush4 purplepincush1 swpincushion3

Toodles….. S