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Scarfing: Yarn Neck Bling

I am a shameless collector of craft supplies. I have so much stuff! So I am taking a break from buying stuff and working on using the stuff I have, Starting with my 30 gallon bucket of Yarn. I crochet a little but I am not knitter like my daughter Ashley who has mastered knitting two pairs of  the most beautiful socks at one time while reading, entertaining a three-year old and balancing a nine month old on her head. I am not a jewelry maker like my other daughter Leasa who’s creations are so painstakingly put together that they look as if they were created by a ritzy department store. Then she wears them and they are so amazing I am afraid she will get rolled or mugged for it.  NO I am more of a knotter. I can tie knots, glue, ink, sew,  etc. I am a mixed media artist.  I like that. Let me say it again,( clearing throat- In my best  English accent) I am a mixed media artist.

March 2014 002  So I am determined to use of this gigantic barrel of  yarns and fibers, or at least make a dent in it making scarves and yarn necklaces.

March 2014 008 March 2014 005 March 2014 004 March 2014 002 March 2014 051 March 2014 047 March 2014 046 March 2014 036 March 2014 049 March 2014 030 March 2014 026 March 2014 016 March 2014 014 March 2014 003  Only about 50 more to go…. Hmmmm Pendants… What could I do for that?