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10 do’s and 10 dont’s and crazy cool Pin Cushions!

from broken to beautiful 020     Here we are! It has begun. Another Year, another chance, another first day!      Thought I would start off this year with a few Ideas. I’m not much for resolutions. The truth is just a chocolate bar, a butterfly or a pretty magenta fabric can distract me from my goals for the day. A few days ago I literally forgot my bath water running for an hour because I had an Idea for a doll shoe.  But I guess this is just what makes me … well… Me. Still there are a few things I would like to do or not do or undo.

10 DO’S and 10 DONT”S

1) Do:  get up off my butt and work out. I work out in my mind all the time. In my head I have perfected all the yoga moves and 4 mile runs and I can do 50 push ups in one session.  This has little effect on  the middle age spread though and I…. Oh Look, a chocolate bar.

work out

1) Don’t:  eat every Chocolate bar, cotton candy, cookie carbohydrate I see… 30 pounds later….

2) Do: turn off face book and turn on face time. It is a lot easier to sit in front of your computer than to have to drive 60 miles for a lunch date with a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years. But face book does not give us the real stuff. And it’s Missing in all our lives these days. I don’t even have a real fight with Cowboy anymore. I’m thinking ” Bite me” isn’t really as powerful in a text.


2)Don’t:  Think that you can have a relationship via text message.

3)Do: Make time for things you love to do. Life is short. Just do it. Set goals, get there…. Choose to be who you want to be.


3) Don’t: let doing the things you love make you forget the important stuff. Let it empower you to do the important stuff.

4)Do:  Be spiritual. To me Spirituality is a private, time-consuming relationship with your God.  It changes and defines who you are. It gives you the strength to create your world and gives you direction, comfort, inspiration, hope, and  Love.


4) Don’t: be religious. By that I mean religion is what you wear so everyone else can see. Spirituality is what you  wear so God can see. Religion is ritual. Spirituality is relationship. I’m not saying don’t go to church, I’m saying be the church.

5)Do: Forgive. It heals you. Literally, forgiveness can help you live longer and happier.


5) Don’t:  Stay angry, it makes you sick

6)Do:  turn off the TV and open a book.

6) Dont: substitute tv for company


7)Do:  Go outside

7) Dont: Make me run. ever.


8)Do:  Be grateful. It is the single most important thing I have ever learned outside of forgiveness. It changes the way you see the world, the way you do things and the way you live.

8) Dont : hold a grudge… Those things are heavy.


9)Do: treat people with respect. Even if they dont deserve it.

9) Don’t:  Let other’s treat you badly. Respect yourself.

april Blog 015

10) Do: let go of your past.

10) Dont: Forget to learn from it!

March blog 033


I took A Break from dolls for a while to reorganize some craft supplies( I have to stay out of Michael’s) and to do a little project I  have been wanting to conquer. I am going to take a little time and work on some pin cushions and Sewing Kits. It keeps growing in my mind so I am not sure where it is going to end. But I am looking forward to a few full days in my craft room. I have started off with some over sized, rice weighted pin cushions that I just love. I made a couple for my daughters and a few for my etsy store. It was fun! I love the bigger size of these and the fact that I can’t send them rolling across the room unless I mean to. You can find them in my etsy store at

beepincush2 owlpcush4 purplepincush1 swpincushion3

Toodles….. S

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Aaaannnddd….. we are done!

Whew! Christmas is past, one more time, one more year. november2013 001I am wiped out and drunk on it all. I got to hang out with my best friend and my sister all in one place at one time. We started a new dirty Santa tradition. My Baby Brother was here. Grand kids, nieces, nephews, and grandmas. New and Old loves.  Mikes Chili, mom’s  cherry delight, Cowboy’s smoked meat and a lot of sweet things no one will admit to eating. Coffee, tea, laughter, grand babies first Christmas, the best Christmas prayer ever, Diana’s Christmas ring, and a humping dog later….. we are done. A huge grouping of twisted, loving people gathering to hold a perfectly imperfect birthday party for the Nazarene Hippy who’s message changed the world….a celebration of the good news, … the true first love of my life,  Jesus Christ.  ( deep breath, hard sigh, huge smile).

It’s over. What. A. Mess! tomorrow I gotta clean this crap up, But for now….

I am letting it go….

Leaving the paper on the ground….

The left overs in the fridge….

Turning off the cell phone…

And I  am sneaking  off to my little paradise, landscaped with glitter, ribbon, fabric, sewing machines and glue, for some much-needed R and R.december2013 097

Oh Patti Medaris Culea, I am glad to see you.

ClothDollInspirationsCover DVDCover(1)

This was my Christmas present to myself from Cowboy ( he chose a chainsaw- boring). I have had my eye on these DVD,s for so long. 10 hours of techniques and tricks.  More dreamy dolls for me to take out my artistic temper tantrums on. My hope and goal is that I will have developed dolls I love to create for my own little shop one of these days. But for now I will learn from the masters, bask in the processes of colors, dyes, fabrics, paints, lace, tulle, feathers, features, glitters, emphera and beads and live vicariously through the fantasy characters I create.

blogdoll1   december2013 015  december2013 017  december2013 020 december2013 018

december2013 021  december2013 025  december2013 029 december2013 030 december2013 092 december2013 093 december2013 094 december2013 095

>>>>> Here I come 2014, ready or not.

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100 Dolls :A challenge

I have been called “weird” on more than one occasion. It ‘s normal for my kids to come home to find a doll head baking in the oven, or an angel dripping with mod podge in the very spot where they normally eat.  I can’t get enough of this beautiful, delightful, creepy and deeply healing hobby. I have always been fascinated by dolls of all kinds. I love them.  I am sure it all started in my grandmothers sewing room where she took time out to teach me how to sew and where I created my first doll. It’s the eyes, the expression, the message and the feeling a doll conveys. I love anything colorful and weird. I love cloth dolls, sculptures from clay, and any other form I can get them in. I love sc- fi- and fantasy, wings and glitter, blue skinned aliens and flawless princesses. I adore a doll with a message or an attitude; a Santa on this knees praying for example. A fairy with her head in her hands.  A simple Raggedy  Ann reminds me of my grandmother’s needle pulling thread to create a friend for me. The point is that all dolls send some kind of message to the viewer.

I began looking for a ” doll Class” to hone my skills but I couldn’t find one that really did it for me. So I decided to challenge myself to making 100 dolls using patterns from skilled doll makers with different styles and  ideas about what a doll should be.  My goal here is to learn as many techniques as I can so that I will feel confident in creating my own patterns and techniques.  I always have to put my own little spin on things but I will try to stick to the program, with in reason. I will update as I complete them.

So without further a-due….

1. September 2013 003

2. September 2013 006

Created from  pattern ” A.J. Scarecrow” by This “n That Creations

3.September 2013 027

Pattern BY Thread Bare Primatives

4.September 2013 017 Raggedy Ann

5. September 2013 008 September 2013 011  And My Twist on Raggedy Ann

Pattern by Oh Sew Dollin’

6.September 2013 004 September 2013 006 September 2013 007

Cupcake Angel.

Red Hen Designs by Raewyn Parker

7 and 8. September 2013 003  Flo and Moe

Pattern by Kat’s country prims

9 and 10.September 2013 002 September 2013 001

D Hiller Productions Pattern

11.September 2013 004

Monster conversion pattern

12.September 2013 010 September 2013 009 Puppet and Husband

Pattern by Project puppet

13.October2013 002

Pattern by project puppet

14. October2013 005 Maddy’s Princess… Project puppet

15.October2013 039

16.October2013 040

17.October2013 002

18.december2013 095

19, 20, 21. december2013 002

22.december2013 023    23. december2013 013   24. january 2014 014