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Hand bound art journal- Your Wildest dreams

redbook1 - Copy

Cowboy and I are already in bed, all hopped up on cold medicine and wine. It is almost unheard of that we are both sick at the same time, but it is so. He didn’t even pick up his guitar tonight, so I grabbed my laptop and crawled up in the bed with him to suffer and watch….. what is that crap he’s watching?    I really hate Survivor man. I suddenly remembered why I dont watch TV with him all that often…. He watches people eat bugs, drink urine and blow stuff up.

It’s odd that we are sick. it has been like spring here in NM. 80 degrees in February. But at least the Chickens are fooled and are laying again…..february2014 019


 One of my favorite things in this world is books.  I love the digital age but there is something about a book that you can hold in your hands ,touch and smell.

Recently, I have become enamoured by journals. Beautiful, endearing journals that draw you in and beg you to tell your story for the day in words or pictures or colors…. or words,picture and colors.

I wanted to create a journal that would be a really good quality, functional and beautiful.  So I came up with this idea…” In your wildest dreams”, an art journal with a decorative fabric cover.

One of the tools I was lacking for this project was a larger book press. These things are expensive… hundreds of dollars. Never to be doubted, Cowboy watched a couple of you tube videos and made me one. It worked brilliantly. He just keeps getting sexier. Book press sexy.

february2014 017

 On ward…

So I created this journal using, card stock,cotton fabrics and emphera. I love that word( emphera). It makes me feel artsy and smart. Emphera.  I made a polymer clay ” thingy”  with the words ” your wildest dreams”  stamped into it with holes  drilled into it so it could be sewn into the cover.  I tried a  new  paint technique with stencils and acrylic paint and used metallic over red.Over that, I overlayed a gold woven fabric and added some buttons, metal, and the polymer clay thingy-ma-bob.

I have this listed in my etsy store.

redbbook7Embroidery stitching, metal words, clay and button and string closure

 redbook3 redbook4  A pen and pencil hredbook5  Pen holder on the last pageredbook6  My Little labelfebruary2014 013 clean, white sheets of paper, 8 1/2 by 5 1/2


redbook1 - Copy february2014 014 - Copy redbook2

 That’s it for tonight. I am working on some T-shirt bags I can’t wait to  share with you.  Right now I think i am going to pass out and let this cold med do its thing. Never mind, the kids are in the kitchen…..