About this thing

My Name is Sharon Metcalf and You have just entered the Country Girl Experiment. I am not a country girl by choice, but I married a beautiful country boy. So way out here, far away from pavement, street lights, department stores and coffee shops,  I’m learning to live a different kind of life. Thought it would be fun to share it with you.

     I am crazy about my husband and my many, many kids. I am a natural mom, an adoptive mom, a step-mom, ( The numbers are staggering.) and I am a full-time mom. I still have 6 at home.  I am an artist, a crafter,  a writer, a wanna be yogi, and Chief cook and bottle washer. We live on a “ranchette” .  20 acres of desert in New Mexico filled up with family, goats, chickens, ducks and kids. 

     Many have jested about the hippy  and cowboy moving off into the desert…. Many said I wouldn’t survive it …that I’m too soft, so spoiled and set in my ways to tolerate this rugged environment.  I disagree. Is it my cup of tea? Well no… there are no yoga studios, no book stores with steaming cups of chai tea latte’s, no best friends, warm Sunday morning meetings or museums with pottery studios.  But there is something out here I can’t get anywhere else. Jack.  My cowboy.  He is the love of my life. So I switched from high heels to boots.  I’m not saying that I haven’t pouted and complained a little, I have.( rattle snakes , having to drive 45 miles to town and having to dig myself out of the mud in a pair of heels).  I’ve just decided to do a little experiment to see if I can create a life I love in someone elses environment.  Again… thought it would be fun to share it with you.

Recently, I have combined the Country Girl Experiment with  my artistic endeavors. I tried desperately to keep it all separated but the truth is that living a creative life is all about this country girl experiment and the magic God has taught me through it.  So onward….

The Hippy and The Cowboy

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