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Out of the Cave, Dreaming in Glitter

Ok… All the new years stuff is done. All the planning for the year, all the lists and all the reports have been written. Lots of coffee, thought and research done for  all the things I want to accomplish this year… Time to come out of the cave.


So… I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts for 2015.

1) Pick a word to live by: My word this year is Joy. I plan on laughing a lot. I plan on having joyful responses prepared for not so joyful things.

2)Say No. If it interferes with your top 5, say sorry I can’t.  My top 5: My relationship with my God, my marriage, my kids and my home school, my health , my family and close friends…. Oh and my LLamas and alpacas and donkeys and ducks and sheep and chickens…..and….

3) Dream in Glitter:  Be Creative: Stretch your skills: Find out what your made of. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Build. Sew. Spin. Weave. Cook. Write. Create.

4) Kill that elf. c1280x720_11 I hate that elf… almost as much as I hate Chuckey. I love, LOVE, Love dolls. They were meant to be a child’s plaything, a tool to stretch imagination, creativity and relationship skills.They are vessels of art and play and creative expression. How creepy is it to have a little creature running around the house messing with your stuff and taping the toilet shut. It’s just wrong.Why doesn’t this raise any red flags with parents? Hey honey… lets scare the crap out of our three-year old and put this free moving, free thinking elf on the babies potty chair and tell her he’s watching her…. creepy.   I realize this bold post will no doubt pull the creepers out of the closet and someone will send me an elf or a post on their personal relationship with said creepy elf.  I want you to know that they will become chew toys for my dogs. Send me a Nativity… Those are dolls I dig.

5) Read a book a month that means something to your life, then read one that just makes you happy.

6)Eat to live. I have been off Wheat for two weeks and I have lost 5 lbs. A nice by-product of giving up the bread and pasta and well, food. I was a little bitter. I won’t lie. I just could not understand how someone could exist without spaghetti, hamburger buns, Chicken fried everything, gravy, cereal, cookies, and those little cakes with the filling in the middle… But, I found out that grilled chicken and a salad is quite nice. Yogurt with berries is a light and filling breakfast and those $ store popsicle have only about 30 calories each.   Ok… It sucks. But I am determined not to be a slave to a green chili cheeseburger and those luscious parmesan french fries and that coke from a glass bottle and that incredible cake that you get at the Farmers Market. Really, I am  ok.       Really.

7) Get  your bible out and study that sucker like your life depended on it. Use resources. Dictionaries, concordances, history books, translators. Let it in. The word of God is completely life changing. It is not enough to know what someone else says it says. You need to know what it says. th2

8)Break some bad habits and replace them with good ones. Financial habits, shopping habits,eating habits, emotional habits, health habits, study habits,; resolve to create a life that works for you, not against you.

9) Grab your BFF’s and make it a mission to find the best coffee on the planet no matter how long it takes or how many trips to the same coffee shop you have to make. Take the time. We need each other. We need to talk. We need to know each other. Go to each others houses and make fun of the ugly pajamas and hand me down decor. Everyone needs someone or a few someones that they are comfortable enough to call at 3 am when their worlds are falling apart. Someone to laugh with, pray with, cry with and plot with.  Enrich each others lives. It’s essential.

10) Support your pastors, their wives and their families.  They are so busy being there for the world that they often don’t have anyone there for them. Make it a point to support them and realize that they are real live people just like us. Do stuff for them. Talk to them. Hang out when you get the chance. If you’re not comfortable with that… be anonymous. But Do it. They do this stuff for us all the time. Pray for them. Stick up for them.  *** I am like G I Jane when it comes to my pastors and teachers wives… mess with them and I will go all postal on you… I mean I will pray for you.

11). Spend time designing fun! Make it a point to do things that will make memories and laughter a part of your existence.

12)Plan a trip. I’m serious. Even if it’s just for a day. Aim to do something you have always wanted to do. Plan it out, save for it and dream about it. It’s rejuvenating.

13)Reevaluate how you treat people. Be sure your good to them.

14) Forgive. Its the most healing thing you can do for yourself.Ask for forgiveness. Its the most healing thing you can do for yourself…. see what I did there…

15)Finally… I would like to say that Leggings are not pants. leggings The truth is there are very few of us  who can pull it off. Most of us just look like 5 lbs of sausage stuffed in a 3 lb sack.



Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

One thought on “Out of the Cave, Dreaming in Glitter

  1. Love this! I didn’t realize what a writer you are! I will be enjoying your stories much more! Have a great year enjoying all of these things!


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