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Sister, I hear your heart, I’ll Meet you at the well.

John 4: 1-40;

I know you. You and I are alike.

The Samaritan woman, the woman at the well, the 5 time loser….. The divorced, the sad, the depressed, the broken.  The promiscuous, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the woman forced to grow up too soon. The addicted, the abused, the convict,  the beaten and the uneducated. The mean and angry and rebellious.  The woman who fears she will never be good enough. The girl who is sure that her past is so bad that she cannot be of any use to her God and even if He thought she could, she would never make it past the church leaders. So she sits, in her chains of shame, never surrendering to the call on her life.

The woman racked with fear, with shame, with devastating anxiety, I hear your heart.

The woman lacking in coping skills, who’s physical environment mirrors her spiritual and emotional environment, I hear your heart.

You made parenting mistakes. You went with what you knew. Your family culture taught you how to survive, so you used what you knew and it was such a mistake. You think you’re a failure. I hear your heart.

Your heart and your mind are on your sleeve, protected only by your quick tongue and angry stance. Your easily offended in response to years of protecting your broken heart. I hear you.

The woman with an eating disorder, a dreaming disorder , an anger disorder and insurmountable loss, I know. I hear your heart.

You just never quite fit in, your different and you feel alone. I hear you.

Your Marriage died a sad and tragic death. Then another and maybe even another.

Your struggling with your sexual orientation, your family orientation and your belief systems.

Your desperation for love, affection and attention have clouded your judgement and somehow you convinced yourself that  bad relationships and abuse just follow you around. You think you can’t escape.  I hear your heart.

Someone abused you and used you and called it love. Now  you are so far gone you can barely tell the difference between the two. It is excruciating. So you self medicate those pulses of pain with anything; sex, money, shopping, drugs, alcohol, adrenalin, drama, anxiety, hoarding, collecting… anything to make it stop.  It goes on and on. To slow down puts you face to face with your broken heart, so you dont slow down, you run. I hear your heart.

You have tried to clean out those rooms in your soul, to heal and to forgive and to believe again, but it never works out. Each room you empty is just that, Empty and your emptiness is like a vacuum that sucks that misery right back in before you even know it happened. And there you are again, In ” it”- Your faith crushed and your resolve demolished. But at least you’re not empty. At least something is filling up those empty rooms. You simply cannot bear to hear those empty echos. I hear your heart, Sister.

I know how you got that way.

I am her. That woman at the well. I know you.  I hear your heart and I have come to tell you that I met someone who confronted me and knew everything I ever did. Come and see!  He knew about my sin and disease and He knew my story. I hung my head as the shame washed over me and He raised my chin and cast away my shame. He saw my brokeness as the plot to a beautiful story written with the pen dipped in His blood, a story he handed back to me to use… to tell you!   He offered me living water, to fill up those empty rooms in place of the pain. He offered me the skills to clean up my space to create a place to live, not just to survive.  To live. To laugh.To once again feel joy.   He says He is the one. I believe Him!

I left everything that seemed so important the moment before and I ran straight here to tell you. Could He be the Messiah? Jesus? The one who came to make everything new?

Your not alone. Your not. It will be hard work. It will hurt and it will feel foreign. You will have to forgive. You will have to call sin; sin. You will have to change, to learn new things, to put away these old, physical things and replace them with new spiritual things and truth. But if you will just trust Him, He will turn your brokenness into an amazing healing that will touch not only you but all those who find you and all those like you.

Meet me at the well. I’ll tell you what I know. well

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Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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