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Zombie Sock Dolls and 25 Things you might not know about me…

february2014 005  Been a while since I posted. My Mom was in the hospital and  had a surgery so I have been out-of-pocket. She’s doing well now, but while I was there, waiting in the waiting room with my 2 girls and my sister, for hours… And Hours… And Days, We confiscated a corner table in the waiting room of the surgical ICU and created these cute little sock dolls.  Made from Socks, and stuffing and felt and threads and buttons, these little zombie babies helped us pass the time and helped us to crack a smile in that sad place.

february2014 001 february2014 004


Thought I might Share a few things that you might not know about me.

1. I love Star wars, Star trek, Avatar and any spacey, creaturey thing. Been in love with Captain Kirk and Spock almost my whole life. I own a star wars encyclopedia.   I love fantasy creatures and characters and worlds that only exist in the imaginations of wonderfully twisted people like Gene Roddenberry, Jim Hensen or George Lucas  . They are usually the inspiration for my art.   I loved Charmed and Twilight and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I like to disappear into these stories sometimes. It helps me to get my balance when life gets too heavy for me.  I believe in Fairies and they believe in me. The Frouds are my favorite artists…. Wendy Froud helped to create Yoda. I collect their books.

2.  I once rode in an elevator with Van Halen..( David Lee Roth days) and I had no idea who they were.

3.  My favorite colors are dark teal blue-green and rust.

4.  I am secretly a yogi. Ok A wanna be yogi. The Kind of Yogi that prays a lot and can contort my body into a pretzel, not the kind who hugs trees and eats seaweed.

5. I get depressed if I don’t do art every day.

6. I am crazy in love with Jesus, but standoffish about religion. It makes me nervous but I can’t stay away from church too long. I just miss it. If I don’t feel like I’m growing as a person, I shake it up. Usually gets me in trouble. Me and my big mouth. My big foul mouth. I’m working on it.

7. I simply cannot imagine a  sexier, more beautiful man than my husband. I have been sold out to him from the day I met him.

8. My kids can make me or break me… But I don’t want them to know.

9. I quit smoking after 21 years. I survived Cancer.

10. I have come to love living in the country. Cowboy made it amazing, even though I was a brat about it.

11. I talk to myself when I am mad. I work it out.

12. I sing all the time, Unless I’m sad. Then I listen.

13. I love Dominos hand tossed pepperoni pizza with extra sauce.

14. I would be lost without my bestie.

15. I Still want my Mommy. I’m shameless about it.

16. Having Kids was the most amazing and wonderful thing I have ever done. They are simply fantastic.

17. Adopting difficult kids is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I hope to do it again, even though my original kids think I am Bat Sh%# Crazy.

february2014 002

18. I am completely nuts about my grand kids. They simply and completely just bring me pure joy. I miss them every second I am not with them. They are the second best gift I ever got… their parents are the first.

19. I don’t  run. Ever. Unless there is a bear or a snake or a fire. Or a tarantula… I run then.

20. I see the world in color. Everything is art, or could be. I collect art supplies, things that sparkle or tell a story and fabrics. I love the idea of being able to walk to the art shed and have what I need to create right that minute. Clays, beads,  paper arts, binding decorative books, Kiln arts, fabric arts, sewing, crocheting, and glitter are a few of the things I love to do. But My Favorite things are dolls and bookmaking.

21. I would love a glass of Zin, now and then.

22. If It were healthy, I would live on bacon and eggs and pancakes, Coconut lattes,Fruit, Pizza, pasta, White cake, cookies, yogurt covered raisins and Oolong tea. But since its not, I have settled for the tea and fruit. And tree bark.

23. My Art room is my favorite place in the world. Only joy is allowed in there. Ever. And Glitter. I always allow glitter.  Unless I’m Sad then Chocolate is allowed in there.

24. Someday I want to use my art for something awesome.

25. If I could, I would love to study in India, just to learn to pray like a boss.

february2014 002


Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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