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10 do’s and 10 dont’s and crazy cool Pin Cushions!

from broken to beautiful 020     Here we are! It has begun. Another Year, another chance, another first day!      Thought I would start off this year with a few Ideas. I’m not much for resolutions. The truth is just a chocolate bar, a butterfly or a pretty magenta fabric can distract me from my goals for the day. A few days ago I literally forgot my bath water running for an hour because I had an Idea for a doll shoe.  But I guess this is just what makes me … well… Me. Still there are a few things I would like to do or not do or undo.

10 DO’S and 10 DONT”S

1) Do:  get up off my butt and work out. I work out in my mind all the time. In my head I have perfected all the yoga moves and 4 mile runs and I can do 50 push ups in one session.  This has little effect on  the middle age spread though and I…. Oh Look, a chocolate bar.

work out

1) Don’t:  eat every Chocolate bar, cotton candy, cookie carbohydrate I see… 30 pounds later….

2) Do: turn off face book and turn on face time. It is a lot easier to sit in front of your computer than to have to drive 60 miles for a lunch date with a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years. But face book does not give us the real stuff. And it’s Missing in all our lives these days. I don’t even have a real fight with Cowboy anymore. I’m thinking ” Bite me” isn’t really as powerful in a text.


2)Don’t:  Think that you can have a relationship via text message.

3)Do: Make time for things you love to do. Life is short. Just do it. Set goals, get there…. Choose to be who you want to be.


3) Don’t: let doing the things you love make you forget the important stuff. Let it empower you to do the important stuff.

4)Do:  Be spiritual. To me Spirituality is a private, time-consuming relationship with your God.  It changes and defines who you are. It gives you the strength to create your world and gives you direction, comfort, inspiration, hope, and  Love.


4) Don’t: be religious. By that I mean religion is what you wear so everyone else can see. Spirituality is what you  wear so God can see. Religion is ritual. Spirituality is relationship. I’m not saying don’t go to church, I’m saying be the church.

5)Do: Forgive. It heals you. Literally, forgiveness can help you live longer and happier.


5) Don’t:  Stay angry, it makes you sick

6)Do:  turn off the TV and open a book.

6) Dont: substitute tv for company


7)Do:  Go outside

7) Dont: Make me run. ever.


8)Do:  Be grateful. It is the single most important thing I have ever learned outside of forgiveness. It changes the way you see the world, the way you do things and the way you live.

8) Dont : hold a grudge… Those things are heavy.


9)Do: treat people with respect. Even if they dont deserve it.

9) Don’t:  Let other’s treat you badly. Respect yourself.

april Blog 015

10) Do: let go of your past.

10) Dont: Forget to learn from it!

March blog 033


I took A Break from dolls for a while to reorganize some craft supplies( I have to stay out of Michael’s) and to do a little project I  have been wanting to conquer. I am going to take a little time and work on some pin cushions and Sewing Kits. It keeps growing in my mind so I am not sure where it is going to end. But I am looking forward to a few full days in my craft room. I have started off with some over sized, rice weighted pin cushions that I just love. I made a couple for my daughters and a few for my etsy store. It was fun! I love the bigger size of these and the fact that I can’t send them rolling across the room unless I mean to. You can find them in my etsy store at

beepincush2 owlpcush4 purplepincush1 swpincushion3

Toodles….. S


Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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