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Toasty, Roasty and Comfy

 Brrrrrr… It’s cold out here in the desert. But Cowboy was able to remedy that. Our home is all-electric and living this far out has always concerned me. What if I got snowed in with no electricity?  So far Ima likin’ this answer.

Decided to create a heat shield covered in corrugated tin. I saw this look in  a cabin we stayed at on a short vacation one day and I loved it. So He did it for me. I love the rustic ranchy look of it. 20140108_194957  My Plan is to find old barn or fence wood and put different brands or at least decals of brands on it. And to finish it off with my old west wanted posters… or maybe a hunky picture of Clint Eastwood… Yeah, I’m taking this country girl thing serious now. Why Not? It’s not like I’m getting that Hard Back Cafe out here.

january 2014 009

Right out that door is where my porch will be this summer. So I can sit out there and see this

sunset.. We have the most amazing sunsets up here on the hill.

Crock pot Chicken over Biscuits…. YUM

Here it is ( Becky)   Your gonna love this. My Kids raved over it. Wonderful cold night comfort food. An easy crock pot recipe that will make your mouth water.


 So My Plan is to Curl up in front of this stove with a small portion controlled bowl of this Chicken and read this book.


I have had food issues most of my life. Either anorexia or making an entire cake my best friend. I saw an interview with Lysa Terkeurst and it hit me that food issues might not be just about weight, appetite and self-image. I was blown away by the things she said in her short interview so I decided to give it a try. I found a Made to Crave Bible Study that will begin on January 19th through Proverbs 31 Ministries. It’s free except for the book which you can buy online. ( Kindle Is cheaper). I’m excited to do some digging into the heart and soul of why I do what I do and What God’s Answer for that is.

Well Toodles for now. I gotta go finish that doll I’ve Been working on for next week. Love ya



Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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