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100 Dolls :A challenge

I have been called “weird” on more than one occasion. It ‘s normal for my kids to come home to find a doll head baking in the oven, or an angel dripping with mod podge in the very spot where they normally eat.  I can’t get enough of this beautiful, delightful, creepy and deeply healing hobby. I have always been fascinated by dolls of all kinds. I love them.  I am sure it all started in my grandmothers sewing room where she took time out to teach me how to sew and where I created my first doll. It’s the eyes, the expression, the message and the feeling a doll conveys. I love anything colorful and weird. I love cloth dolls, sculptures from clay, and any other form I can get them in. I love sc- fi- and fantasy, wings and glitter, blue skinned aliens and flawless princesses. I adore a doll with a message or an attitude; a Santa on this knees praying for example. A fairy with her head in her hands.  A simple Raggedy  Ann reminds me of my grandmother’s needle pulling thread to create a friend for me. The point is that all dolls send some kind of message to the viewer.

I began looking for a ” doll Class” to hone my skills but I couldn’t find one that really did it for me. So I decided to challenge myself to making 100 dolls using patterns from skilled doll makers with different styles and  ideas about what a doll should be.  My goal here is to learn as many techniques as I can so that I will feel confident in creating my own patterns and techniques.  I always have to put my own little spin on things but I will try to stick to the program, with in reason. I will update as I complete them.

So without further a-due….

1. September 2013 003

2. September 2013 006

Created from  pattern ” A.J. Scarecrow” by This “n That Creations

3.September 2013 027

Pattern BY Thread Bare Primatives

4.September 2013 017 Raggedy Ann

5. September 2013 008 September 2013 011  And My Twist on Raggedy Ann

Pattern by Oh Sew Dollin’

6.September 2013 004 September 2013 006 September 2013 007

Cupcake Angel.

Red Hen Designs by Raewyn Parker

7 and 8. September 2013 003  Flo and Moe

Pattern by Kat’s country prims

9 and 10.September 2013 002 September 2013 001

D Hiller Productions Pattern

11.September 2013 004

Monster conversion pattern

12.September 2013 010 September 2013 009 Puppet and Husband

Pattern by Project puppet

13.October2013 002

Pattern by project puppet

14. October2013 005 Maddy’s Princess… Project puppet

15.October2013 039

16.October2013 040

17.October2013 002

18.december2013 095

19, 20, 21. december2013 002

22.december2013 023    23. december2013 013   24. january 2014 014



Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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