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Spring Things

Hello, To my neglected Blog… I have missed you. I have spent the last six weeks feeling pretty terrible. I blamed it all on whatever happens when your 40 ish but it turns out I had a minor medical condition that was easily treated and  made me feel like  death warmed over a bit.   My oldest daughter mentioned to me that it might just be the rigor mor´tis setting in and another child explained to me that  my issues could be related to my lack of Midol. ( that child is buried out in the desert somewhere). I just accepted that feeling bad was normal and I suffered through it. I just accidentally caught it on a routine checkup. ( I am a cancer survivor so I don’t miss those) But this was a little bit of an alarm to me that I can’t just ignore my own needs because I am busy taking care of everyone elses.


       I suppose that I need to cut myself a break here. I do have 6 kids at home. I do a lot of stuff for my mom who lives next door.  I have 4 other kids who sometimes need me. Got two Besties I miss terribly and I am scrambling to see. I have a zoo/farm that I pretend to have a clue about.  Life for me is not like a Tide commercial where happy couples fold clothes together and cook colorful gourmet meals together and sit down and have pleasant family discussions about what we will wear to the next family portrait. Nope…. I do laundry and cook and discuss by my damn self,  while hollering at the kids( mind you, I have 5 teens)  not to cuss,get the homework done and do the chores, etc.  There is sarcasm, rolling of eyes  and feelings expressed at inappropriate times in inappropriate ways. When my husband walks through the door.. well now it’s a pull my finger party. It’s very time-consuming to create this kind of quality home life.

     So I decided that I am going to try to blog once a week.  I will just fill you in with all my creativity, weirdness and wisdom one time a week and see if I can’t  keep this party rolling a little better. I will fill in other places with some wonderful guest bloggers and little tid- bits I find here and there.  So here goes ya’ll….


This is one of my fav things to do at the moment. I Love these altered art tags so much. I can finish one in about an hour or less and I can express whatever I am thinking at the moment.  I can change my mood just by the colors I choose or methods I use. I love that I can use up my stash of ” boy mom, you got a lot of crap” and I don’t have to spend a ton to get these started. Inks, stitches,paper, trims, stamps and more ink. I love it! There is just no limit or rules and that is my favorite kind of art. Thinking about putting some in my Etsy  store, just to see what happens. 

tag11 tag10 tag3 tag2 tag1 pinktag20 pinktag10 pinktag2 pinktag1


Oh how I love Spring! Yesterday was such a beautiful day in the desert. No wind and 85 degrees,  perfect weather for a trip to the nursery and the frozen yogurt shop. So off we went.

    In all fairness, in the past, my home is where plants go to die. But my green thumb mom is here now so the survival rate went way up. But just to be on the safe side, I have decided to  start off with some cactus. I grew one inside my house.. well it was a succulent, an aloe and it  is huge and healthy. Motivated by my succulent success, I hit the cactus isle yesterday. I have no Idea what the heck these are but I am created a little cacti area for experimentation.  succulant

 Also gotta tell you about my  Peacocks. I am a peacock freak. I love the color and the grace of these birds. One night about 2 weeks ago, my beautiful cowboy showed up with a pair of live beauties.  I nearly lost my mind.

March blog 005 March blog 002

One of my next projects is to set up an area in the back where I can comfortably watch them, the ducks and my pet goats. Wonder what else he will show up with.

 New calves, new chickens, new gardens… first cars… Ahhhh.. Spring is so in the air.


Un Conditional, By Brian Zahnd

UN conditional

Radical Forgiveness.

 This is my book Pick for this Blog. I have been reading it for a while but was hooked from the first chapter.  The first chapter grabs you by talking about survivors from the Jewish  Holocaust and their ability to forgive. Powerful stuff.  It talks about the calling on our lives by Christ to forgive.  I took this book in a little at a time. I am one of those people who has to take in information, process it and chew on it  for a bit so that I can decide how or if It should be applied in my life.  Highly recommended read. But don’t expect to finish it in an afternoon. This one takes your heart on a closet cleaning.

 Gonna Check into your read next Bobbie Ann.


  My pediatrician made it clear that we are the tubby family.   She said with her mysterious indian accent, ” it is getting warmer, you need to run.  Maybe no seconds, huh? Maybe diet a little? I do not want to hurt your feelings or offend you, but you are all gaining a few pounds. ” 

Yep.. We are fatties. I have jowls and a muffin top.

NY0210_Fried-Green-Beans_lg  Fried Green Beans… It’s veggies, Right?

     We have all gained about 10 pounds. I cook,they eat. It’s cold. We hibernate.  We eat when we are bored.  We try out a new recipe next to the warm stove. We eat it. We stare at the tread mill. We eat.   We have PMS, we eat chocolate. Coffee with much love in it. We fry it, wrap it in bacon, smother it in cheese, drown it in gravy and put a dollop of bacon grease in it.  We order it, supersize it, glaze it,  top it off and bury our faces in it. WE LOVE GOOD FOOD! Run on sentences for our run on diet!  Run.. Running… Hmmm- that might be a novel idea.


     Things have got to change. We all know it, but we are  crying in our brownies to prolong the inevitable as long as we can.   SO, starting monday… It’s grilled,steamed, fresh, low-fat, bye bye white food  and hello whole grains and veggies. I”ll let you know how this turns out.

I have been following this guy’s blog called ” Rants of an amateur chef”. not only can he cook, he cracks me up.  So I am sharing this one with you today instead of my bacon wrapped cupcake recipe.

 Well, Have a blessed and fantastic week lovelies!



Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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