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20 Things Love Has Taught Me…. Robin Cockram

Time for another guest blogger and I could not wait to share this one with you. I love her words. I dont know how else to say it except to say that when my day is not going well I can read something she has written and I feel better. Some of the things she has written have ended up in my grateful journals and art journals or listed in my prompts for the next big learning experience. My favorite quote is just below this picture of her. I recite it sometimes when it’s tough. So without further delay, Robin Cockram. Prepare to smile.


” And my favorite part about His love…is that He is especially fond of me….like I am the only one that has ever existed!!”

So here I go….I’m blogging, I’m blogging, I’m blogging….I don’t even really know what that means…but I’m in!!!  So here is my epic analysis of the 20 things love has taught me…

  1.  I have to start by giving props to The Big Man Upstairs.  He is All of the Things you hear about, and more…the Alpha and Omega, My Savior, Father, My Redeemer, My Portion, He is Grace and Mercy….all of them!!!  And my favorite part about His love…is that He is especially fond of me….like I am the only one that has ever existed!!  Now that, my friends, is LOVE!!
  2. Children = love……babies with their innocence, kids with their questions, 12 year olds with their hormones, teenagers with their attitudes, and young adults with their independence.  All of them equal love.
  3. To love is to forgive.  Yep…this is the hardest one for me.  I’ve had to forgive people who never even knew they needed to be forgiven.  And sometimes, if I’m completely honest, I have to re-forgive them again and again and again….for the same thing.  Not because of them, but because of me.  I let that resentment take over and it can still kick my ass.  So… forgiveness is good. 
  4. To watch my parents grow old, is love. They have always been love to me.   I never knew about these “sandwich” years where our kids still depend on us, but now…so do our parents.  Who knew???  Who knew that my proud, strong dad would lose his vision?  But he still manages to open every door for my mom.  That my amazing mom would lose most of her hearing?    But they still have that love language that no one understands but them.  That even though I am 46, they still cry every time I drive off?  That they would trust me to help take care of them now, to me, is love.
  5. Love is praying over my kids while they sleep….all the while knowing that it kinda creeps them out!  They’ve never woke up while I was at their bed side, but I always thought it would be funny if they did.  And if they knew that I still do this when they visit, they would probably be mad.
  6. Love is being married to a man that will butter my corn….and adding a little salt because that’s how I like it.  This same man kisses me on top of the head and gives me bear hugs on a daily basis.  He’s also cranky, bossy, crude, and extremely inappropriate….but this love is like none other than I’ve ever known….I didn’t even know that this kind of love really existed.  When we were raising our babies, he worked away from home a lot, so I learned to love the smell of his pillow.  But now…we get to live together all the time.  And we even like it…..usually.  We argue over dumb things and get mad at each other.  But not often.  One of the best things is that at night, when my feet get cold, he lets me put them under his legs ‘til they warm up.  See???  Love!!!
  7. Love has taught me that giving is the best.  I’m a softie.  Those of you who have known me for a long time may question that…but really, I am. I give to the folks with the signs that say “I’m hungry”, “will work for food”….yes…I give them money.  And yes, they may go spend it on weed or beer or vodka…..but they may not.  They may feed themselves or their kids or their dogs.  I don’t care what they do with it.  After it leaves my hand, it’s no longer my business.  But I also love to give time….to my family, to strangers, to animals.  Time is love, too.
  8. Love is rocking babies.  This one needs no further explanation.
  9. Love is puppy breath….when they’re little and love to snuggle under your ear.  Love, love, love.
  10. Love has taught me that friends are necessary.  I am a bad friend.  If I ever tell you that I’ll call you back, don’t believe it, I probably won’t.  But I don’t mean to be a bad friend.  I have very few real friends.  But man, those few are the best.  They are patient, understanding…all that important “friend stuff”.  They know me and still love me!
  11. Love is beautiful, sunny days and long, winter nights.
  12. I’ve learned that dogs love unconditionally.  My dogs are the smartest in the world.  Yes….I do believe that.  But…they also believe that about me.  Their whole world is me!  They don’t care what I’ve done or haven’t done, they love me.
  13. Love is having a baby girl with curly red hair who loves “Itsy, Bitsy Spider”.  She still loves “Beauty and the Beast” and she’s 22.  She still thinks I’m pretty smart, and I don’t know why.  But she was my first, pure love.
  14. Love is a baby boy.  He literally had my heart from his first heart’s beat.  He loved Barney and shoes.  He still loves shoes!  Love is this same boy becoming an amazing man who lets his mama hug him for awkward amounts of time.  I just say, “I’m not done”, and he lets me hug a little longer.
  15. You can love kids who didn’t come out of your belly as much as the ones that did.  And I have two of them that have called me mom for 15 years now.  I’ve gotten to kiss their boo-boos, help them with broken hearts, talk to them about seriously disturbing topics, fight with them, yell at them, and cuddle with them.  Love!!
  16. Love is a day full of nothing but pj’s, coffee, and trash TV.
  17. Silence is golden…yes, a golden dollop of love.
  18. Love is having a sister like mine.  We laugh together, cry together, bitch together, give each other stupid advice….but the laughing together is the best.  Sometimes, we can’t even look at each other without laughing.  If she hates somebody or something, it’s just understood that I do, too.  I know that’s not the right thing to do, but there’s no wiggle room here…it is what it is. 
  19. Sometimes, love is a good ole’ ice cold beer.  Yum.
  20. And lastly, love is me.  I know it’s pretty brazen to say that, but finally…I’m learning to love me.  It’s been a long, hard road.  It’s been huge, rocky mountains, and dry, barren valleys.  It’s been rainy days and lonely nights.  But after all this….there’s me!



Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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