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The Reinvention of Me: Leona Mann, AKA Cookie

This is  the first installment of  ” The Guest Blogger”. This months theme is ” The reinvention of me”.   Our first Guest this month is Cookie.-  Leona Mann

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Photograph by Leona Mann
“~ God blessed you with many talents, go out and polish on at least one of them Today!
Leona Mann, AKA Cookie

Hello. My name is Leona Mann, aka Cookie.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother.
A whole book could be written about my life up to the point of “The Reinvention of Me”, but for now, lets just start with a glimpse of my life. 🙂
Around the age of 40, the light of realization came on, that I, (only Cookie) am responsible for the happiness, or lack of, in my life.
What I had known up to that point was tending to my home and my family. Paying bills, cooking meals, doing the laundry and all of the things that a (as a friend puts it) Domestic Goddess is blessed to have and do.
I felt a yearning to expand my horizons.
So begins the adventure. 🙂
I knew I needed a hobby, but wasn’t quite sure what….
I tried painting, drawing, arts and crafts, and I even tried inventing stuff (only to find out every one of my good ideas had already been invented).
During this process, just as with anything in life, I hit some bumps in the road. I had to go back to my ‘hobbys list” and try something else.
Turns out, I enjoy poetry.
I have written a number of poems. I found that it was very therapeutic to write, because it is my inner most thoughts and feelings, and I don’t have to worry about the criticisms of others. My writings are mine and mine alone. Sometimes I share, but that is a private place I can go. If I need to cry, laugh, or even just improve me vocabulary by learning new words in my poetry dictionary, I am being me. Poetry stirs all emotions in me.
I am a Poet.

Find your way to the front of his mind
Let him no longer be blind
Roll naturally from his tongue
Thru his lips so sweet, forever stay young
Play only honesty on the drums of my ears
Lay to rest all of my fears

Be the light in his eyes
Let there be no more lies
Be the tender in his touch
Always remain our crutch
Be the warmth in his kiss
All reservations; dismiss

Be our foundation of stone
Unlike any we’ve ever known
Even from afar, let us see clear
Like the sun, our bright & shining sphere
With you, we’ll never be alone
Never have to face another cyclone

Be his every loving smile
Showing me that love is not a trial
Awaken from the depth of my core
All I have hidden behind pains door
Thru his laughter be my souls symphony
The Great Alter of our hearts sacred ceremony

Be everything he is to me!

Leona L Mann
© Feb 13, 2008

Next I bought a cheap little point and shoot 100 dollar camera and set out to see how I would like photography. I found that shooting sunsets and landscape is more exciting that animals. I discovered that I love taking pictures of flowers and plants. During this adventure, I have been able to upgrade my camera to an SLR and get a macro lens and have found that most of all, my favorite photo subjects are insects.
I am a macro photographer.


One day I was watching my favorite TV channel (DIY) and the program subject was “building an ottoman”
So I set to either check or mark off another hobby from the list.
I built the ottoman, but incorporated a chess table of the flip side of the lift off top. Its a bit on the big and bulky side, but overall it made a very nice night stand. That was the beginning of my woodworking passion.
I have built a stool with drawers (for my husbands arrow head making), a bookshelf, a cradle and changing table, and an adirondack chair and table set. My upcoming projects are bunk beds and a corner crib.
I am a woodworker.

table chair

This process of Reinventing Me is still in progress.
Everyday holds new opportunities to learn and grow, so when I hear someone say ‘I am bored”, the first thought that comes to mind ~ God blessed you with many talents, go out and polish on at least one of them Today!

Thank you Cookie for sharing your heart and your smile( it’s contageous), your photography and your hidden talent… Which by the way is all about girl power. I love it that it never occurs to you that you can’t do something.




Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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