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2013- Lets do this

Dear Mayan calendar keeper/maker/person of vision,
I would like to express my condolences on the loss of Armageddon on the 21 st of December 2012. If you were drawn in the Mayan human sacrifice lotto and your number was up or if you did not complete your calendar due to illness, a layoff because of the high cost of health care, or if your government went over the physical/ fiscal cliff and you became a survivalist and headed for the deserts in the upper Americas, I would like you to know that I was ok either way it turned out. I’m not emotionally scarred by it or anything like that.

sincerely Sharon Metcalf  CEO- Metcalf  Clan and Calendar Keeper of the Cactus field people

PS: Christmas Rocked. Glad I went ahead with the planning.

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But since I am still here, and there don’t seem to be anymore end of the world panics anytime soon, I have decided to do something spectacular with 2013.

 I am going to take this Country girl experiment to a whole new level. 2012 was all about discovery of myself.  2013 is about Gratitude and Forgiveness. It’s time to grow up, at least for me and to truly seek out those things that will help me create the person I want to be and the spirit I want to cultivate.  And Pie. I think It is Time for me to seek out as much pie as possible. And Chocolate.  So Here Goes.. in writing…

2013 Motto: Just for this year Be Present. Let go of all the things you think your missing and be present in your life now- who you are, what you are, where you are, and who is with you. Be Grateful. Forgive. Let go of Fear. Live. Laugh. Love. Be spiritual and Seek out God as if He was  food and you were starving.  Deal with your junk. Dont be lazy. Get involved. Be Kind. Dream. Create. Be Present.

Heavy huh?

Some of the Things on my To-do list:

Exercise. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t run. Ever. Unless there is a bear or a snake.  I am going to find something to do in addition to yoga. Zumba maybe. Maybe not.

Diet: I’m not talking about a Jillian Micheals lettuce fast… I’m just talking about taking good care of myself so that I can be around to take care of all these other people who don’t take care of themselves. You know, vitamins, try not to fry everything in bacon grease, and no more Twinkies… Never mind about that… Thanks a lot Hostess.

Go To Church: I can come up with about 1000 reasons not to and only a few to do it.  I am scared of the Christians. When I go, I sit on the back pew closest to the door incase I have to escape or I break a rule while I am there.  It’s much easier to stay at home in my jammies and eat.  But it’s not fair to my kids and myself that I don’t give us all the chance to have a family of people who love us,  a place for them to learn to serve others, learn about love and kindness and forgiveness and morals and standards and the Love of  Our God for them. I want my home to be those things for them, but I am still an apprentice and it never hurts to have a little help.

Focus my art on Healing:  Art journals, Expression books,  laughter journals, prayer journals and whatever else I can come up with.

Get really Involved with my kids as individuals: All Ten of them. That Takes Time, work, money and patience. I can’t wait.  I want to be the best Nana and Mother-in – law ever. That’s the tricky part. Being involved without getting involved.  HMMM. Ponder this more, I must.

Hang out with my family every chance I get: Especially my mom and my aunt( The Twins, they are 80.) And my brother, I miss him. And my Sister, I am going to Alabama this year come hell or High water.   

Be A Better Friend: I am just going to do my best to just show up as often as I can. To try to take the time now and then to just be available. It’s hard living out this far. Dont get a lot of visitors. But I would drive 30 miles if I was out of toilet paper so I can drive 30 miles to hang out with someone I love.  I want to cut down on social media and find a face to face now and then.  I spend so much time in front of the computer, Tv, Phone, Kindle etc., I am surprised I am not glowing. If I trade some of that in for productive positive things, I might have more time for relationships.

Make My Husband Feel Like  He matters:  I am going to make an honest attempt to get more involved with the things He cares about and learn as much as I can to help him so that he can do more of the things he enjoys. Even if it involves Poop, field mice, or putting my hands in something that makes me vomit.  I am determined that he goes hunting this year or takes time to do something he wants to do.

 Be vigilant in the things I need to do to keep my heart soaring:   Make sure I journal everyday. Read something everyday that challenges me to be better. Pray. Meditate. Research.  Find Like spirits and share. Find like Spirits and LISTEN. Laugh at me.  Take the damn Pill if I need it. PMS and hormones, Depression, …. whatever it is, can be treated. What’s the big deal? Feel better.

Be a Blessing: I want to be a blessing to those who know me.

Be a good and grateful steward of what I have:  My home, my money, my things. Though none of these things is the most important things in my life. I will honor my family and my husband by treating these things with skilled hands.

Forgive: This year I am going to spend some time clearing out the closets in my heart.


AND FINALLY: I am determined to  take all those naps I gave up when I was 5. I am going to embrace my sci-fi weirdness. I am going to go to the alien film festival. I am going to  as many concerts as I can. I will consider and back out of the tattoo and nose ring. I will wear hippy shirts with my cowboy boots. I will be happy .


Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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