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Little mud never hurt anyone.

So I got it in my head a few years ago, that I wanted to sculpt. I am  a freak for clay….. How it feels in my hands, the therapeutic properties of centering it. I have a pottery wheel. I’ve made Jewelry, bowls, shields and several things that qualify as art. So It seemed like a natural progression for me to sculpt. What ? might you ask. Well , a side note to this is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DOLLS!  I love all dolls but especially fantasy dolls….not the kind you might see on Hugh Hefner’s desk or as a hood ornament in a gay pride parade, but  the kind of fantasy that makes little girls eyes light up and sy-fy freaks scream, ” DUDE!”

Fairies, Mythology, Aliens and legends. There are no limits to fantasy… because well.. its fantasy… you choose.

Guess what? This is way more complicated than I had anticipated.

Oh Crap.

It is a bit complex. There are a few basics you have to know,  like how body parts are proportioned in relation to the head. etc. Armatures and  wires and eyes and  what kind of clays and whose method is the best and  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!   As you can see my first attempt didn’t go so well so I tried again….


And Again…..


So it occurs to me that I might need a little instruction. A few pointers . A lot of practice.  So I did that. I went back to a  clay that I love ( polymer ) and decided that I could get a pretty good basic out of it.  So Now I am working on  a piece  that I hope will become a fantasy piece.

Thought it might be fun to kinda watch the failure or success of this  little venture so I will try to give you updates as I get them. Go Ahead.. Laugh. I don’t mind.   Gotta find a little tickle in yourself some times especially when you are on a learning journey. I am determined to learn this no matter how many uglies I do.

So This piece is  what I am working on right now. Excuse my workspace… I tend to make a mess when I create something.

SO far, I am calling her the Watcher… I can see a fairy emerging and old soul who’s warrior heart watches out for the younger.

I did not sculpt feet because I am going to put boots on her. This is the skeleton so to speak of my character….

Cant wait for my new camera to get here …. These pics are not so great.

The watcher...

So now I am working on her arms. One of her hands will hold a staff . I’ve remade them twice so far.  Proportions… Think proportions.

  I’ll Update  when I get to the next phase… whatever that is.

OK … This is remarkably hideous… But I’m committed…

OK… Right now, This thing looks incredibly bad. I had to build up some places with more clay- shoulders etc.  I broke it, tried to repair it, burned it and quit.  This is the point where I want to just scrap the whole thing and start something new. But I  am trying to learn to  follow through, even when I think  it cant be done. So I went ahead and painted the face and put on some tats…

Next I will be putting on hair and making the wings. Oh Yes and covering up the chest. I spent thirty minutes trying to explain to my son the difference between porn and art. But He’s 12 going on 13… It’s a chick with no shirt as far as he’s concerned.

OK – My family affectionately came up with a name for this thing-UGLY FAIRY WITH BOOB JOB.

It is ugly and I did give it boobs I wish I had… so Any way here is an update …

  This is what she looks like with hair and her bosom covered.

 Apple Bottom Jeans.. boots with the fur….. 

    and I quit….. Ready for another challenge. I learned a lot from this exercise. I broke it, burned it, dropped it, repaired it, cussed it and covered it with fur.  I have decided that  I need to spend a little more time on anatomy before I attempt this again. Jack Johnson says you have to do this 20 times,  20 dolls before you get it. 19 to go I guess. I’ll try not to hurt your eyes with the ugly stuff anymore.  But I might have to show my pretties.

OK The goal here 20 Sculpts. According to Jack Johnson, this should be progressive, so here goes

Sculpt 1

Sculpt 2


Sculpt 3


Sculpt 4


Sculpt 5



Hi! Sharon here! I am a self taught Mixed Media artist on a mission to share the joy, the fun and the healing powers of art. And maybe a few artistic shenanigans along the way. i am a certified Artis4every1 instructor and I create art for sale here in my studio.

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